Front cover updated 270116Dreaming While Awake is a tale of the supernatural with a ghostly presence that sits on the shoulders of four student, overlooks their lives, steals their ideas.

It is said that if you are sleep deprived you will start to hallucinate – you will see images that do not exist.

You will begin to dream while awake.

If you could reach into the dream and enter it – possibly leaving the real world behind – would you? Would you take that chance? This is the story of four people who did exactly that.

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‘Certainly a ghost story with a difference. I’ve not read anything like it before. Intelligently written, very thought provoking and definitely left open for a sequel.’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am fascinated by dreaming and this book was right up my street. It kept me hooked to the very end. Pleased to know a sequel will follow. Definitely worth a read.’