Toni Amazon 3Toni Bunnell has published twelve books, including eight novels. Six of the novels are available on Amazon kindle.                                                    

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front cover amendedThe Room Between the Floorboards   ‘A fabulous, magic story’ 

This is an enchanting little book, suitable for

anyone who still ponders the as yet undefined

boundaries of our universe’

Door in Time final cover

A Door in Time

‘This has more twists and turns than the Edinburgh underground city!’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed A Door in Time. Toni has written a real page turner’


‘Fantastic imagination.

The story’s awesome.

Best I’ve read in ages.

Stephen King eat your heart out.’

Fidgit cover 2

The Fidgit  

‘I am glad that I discovered in Toni Bunnell

an author with the gift of story telling’

I hope the words of my songs strike a chord with you

and serve their purpose by sending a positive

message to the world. Whether the issues be the

environment, climate change, the treatment of

animals or the behaviour of humans towards each

other, we need to find a way forward. We need to

make a better world for us and all creatures to live in.

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Samuel was a book dweller in more ways than one.   

Every night he would climb inside the book and enter a world of enchantment. The story book characters were his friends.But all was not well within the book. 

Someone was stealing the words.

Front cover

 A Life Well Lived:  A book of 29 poems 

 Poems written while on a journey of memory of a close friend.

 A journey that twists and turns but ultimately leads you out of the forest up to the mountain peaks where all is well in the world and the future looks bright.

‘I read this book in one sitting. The words simply encourage you to keep turning the page. Toni’s book is as always very well written. I found it a very moving, memorable book and one that I derived a lot of comfort from. I will read it again at some time in the future. Thank you Toni for expressing so well how many of us feel’. Carol Arnall

Sweep 2 2nd edited coverSweeper Joe the Hero: The dog who knew

Twelve stories that give an off the wall account of life as seen through the eyes of a black and white border collie dog born on a farm in Derbyshire. His parents and grandparents were working dogs and herded sheep as required. The first born of nine, Sweeper Joe the Hero had an unusual approach to life which affected all those who he met both far and near, but mostly near. Never one to shirk his duty he was a dog that upheld a way of life that is no longer seen in the 21st century, which is probably just as well.


Music Makes a Difference

 A Practical Guide to Developing Music Sessions for People with Learning Disabilities

Published as a paperback by M&K Update, Cumbria.

Front cover updatedThe Disappearing Hedgehog

Britain’s hedgehogs are disappearing at an alarming rate. This book provides clear descriptions of what to do if you find a sick hedgehog and how to create a hedgehog-friendly garden. Stories from York Hedgehog Rescue Centre help to create an understanding of why hedgehogs are under threat and how we can help them. Dr Toni Bunnell, a wildlife biologist, has cared for hedgehogs for 24 years and shares her wealth and experience in this easily accessible book.

‘The Disappearing Hedgehog book contains information, plus several case histories which provide invaluable references for anyone who may need to help a sick or injured hedgehog if transporting it to a vet has to be delayed. I highly recommend it.’ Geraldine Williams, Vet Nurse.

‘Brilliant. If you are seriously interested in saving these amazing, interesting little Guys this book is a must. It tells you everything you want to know. It’s lovely.’ Gloria Muir


This sequel to The Disappearing Hedgehog looks in detail at the findings of some of Toni’s published research studies. These include why ticks target hedgehogs, whether late litters can put on enough weight to survive the winter, what is a satisfactory weight/size relationship, and the reasons why hedgehogs arrived at York Hedgehog Rescue that Toni has been running for the past 26 years.

In addition there are detailed case notes for ten hedgehogs, outlining the reasons for their arrival, treatment and outcome.

The book is aimed at experienced hedgehog carers and anyone else with an interest in hedgehogs.

  Nameless children front cover lighter 130116


In the beginning there was soil.
In 2015 four teenagers emerge from the grave where they were buried in the 1800s without ceremony and without a name. They are driven by a desire to wreak revenge on those who committed them to the ground. But these people are long gone from this world. Through fair means and foul the children attempt to track down the living descendants of those responsible.

Christopher John Brownbridge: “I had to struggle to put this down. I did not expect to find a ‘children’s’ book that I found almost addictive. When is the next one out Toni?”

Susan Mansfield: “It is one of the most atmospheric pieces of writing that I have ever read.”


The sequel to The Nameless Children.

This gothic, supernatural story is part two of The Soil Chronicles.



Fleur is working on a project that will make antibiotic resistance a thing of the past. Drawn into a mirror, she finds herself in a parallel world. Here she is given a glimpse of a future where her life and work are under threat. Can she avert disaster in time? The answer lies within the Dark Mirror. 

It drew her in. Like a moth to a flame she drifted forwards. Aware yet not. The whispered voices of others receding to nothingness. A world within a world. Nothing could touch her. She spun to the ground and collapsed at the feet of the Dark Mirror.  

 A collection of short stories based on the theme ‘trapped.

Some of the stories are based on actual events. I leave it to you, the reader, to decide which.

I know these walls. Even in the dark I can follow them, my fingertips flowing over the smooth plaster.  Feeling for the cracks and ridges, the cusps worn smooth with age. Worn by my body as it drifts silently backwards and forwards. I use my visual memory to recall images from my life before.

.. here in the cellar, the tactile sense of touch is all important. as my fingers glide over the surface of the walls I feel a fondness for every nuance in the plaster.

Yes, I know these walls. Every inch of them.

The plight of the European hedgehog told through verse and photographs.