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Twelve new songs composed by Toni Bunnell







A Wagoner’s Tale (Bunnell) – In 2014, at a World War 1 exhibition in Burton Agnes
church, I met the granddaughter of wagoner Joseph Tumens Cornwell. This is his story.

In Solidarity (Bunnell) – Written in solidarity with France, following the attacks on
the offices of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in Paris, January 2015.

The Nameless Children (Bunnell) – In the beginning there was soil. In 2015, four
teenagers emerged from the grave where they were buried in the 1800s, without ceremony
and without a name. Inspired by my gothic, supernatural novel of the same name.

Forests of the Past (Bunnell) – When living in south west Germany, in the 1980s,
my attention was drawn to the trees that were dying due to acid rain. Today many more
are under threat, from the forests of Indonesia to the Amazon Rain forests.

Not in my Name (Bunnell) – The film, We Are Many, documents the unified global
response of over 15 million people on February 15, 2003, to the proposed war on Iraq.
After watching the film I went home and wrote this.

Once in a Lifetime (Bunnell) – I rediscovered this on one of my practice tapes and
decided to breathe new life into it.

Leaving (Bunnell) – A brief excursion into the realms of country music.

The Coat from my Back (Bunnell) – Images of the rows of coats hanging
from hooks, in the aftermath of the Holocaust, made a lasting impression on me.

Magic Circle (Bunnell) – Standing inside a circle of stones on the moors
near Ilkley inspired this song.

Wraiths of Darkness (Bunnell) – Based on characters from my gothic,
supernatural book, The Dead Space, sequel to The Nameless Children.

Out of Time (Bunnell) – Slip in time or hallucination? You decide.

Be Steadfast (Bunnell) – Mohammed Assaf is a Palestinian pop singer
who managed to escape from Gaza to compete in ‘Arab Idol’ in 2013. He won
and has become a symbol of hope for Palestinians worldwide