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In the beginning there was soil.

In 2015 four teenagers emerge from the grave where they were buried

in the 1800s without ceremony and without a name.

They are driven by a desire to wreak revenge on those who committed

them to the ground. But these people are long gone from this world.

Through fair means and foul the children attempt to track down the

living descendants of those responsible.

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Part 1 of The Soil Chronicles


FIVE STARS I had to struggle to put it down By Christopher John Brownbridge on 28 Dec. 2015

“I bought this simply because Toni is a friend of mine. I did not expect to find a “children’s” book that I found almost addictive. When is the next one out Toni?”

It is one of the most atmospheric pieces of writing that I have ever read.” Susan Mansfield

“What a spine chiller! I love the notion of the nameless children being the undead – you tread the line between realism and the supernatural very surely.” John Gilham, published poet