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I knew Ged and Toni’s book brought up all my own happy memories of time with him. I wish this was available as a hard copy as it’s one to continually dip into, especially on days you are feeling a bit sad or low. On those days through Toni’s words I am reminded what Ged would have said to me. I have never known anyone who lived life so fully every moment and created adventures from the most ordinary day. .. Things like getting on a train to a place you’d never heard of because he liked the sound of the name. I miss him and think Toni’s poems would be solace for anyone who has lost someone.

A book of 29 poems. Poems written while on a journey of memory of a close friend. A journey that twists and turns but ultimately leads you out of the forest up to the mountain peaks where all is well in the world and the future looks bright.

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I read this book in one sitting. The words simply encourage you to keep turning the page.
Toni’s book is as always very well written. I found it a very moving, memorable book and one that I derived a lot of comfort from.
I will read it again at some time in the future.
Thank you Toni for expressing so well how many of us feel.