Rescuing the Disappearing Hedgehog is the sequel to my first book about hedgehogs: The Disappearing Hedgehog.

This new book looks in depth at various aspects of hedgehog behaviour, including hibernation. I have also presented the findings of some of my published research studies. These include the incidence of disease and injury encountered in hedgehogs that have arrived at York Hedgehog Rescue Centre, over the 30 years that I have been running it. Why ticks target hedgehogs is also covered, revealing the results of a four year published research study that I carried out. There is a detailed look at weight/size relationships, again the findings of one of my published studies. Also, I look at growth rates in early and late litters and see how this can impact on hoglets born in the autumn.

Also covered are the options available to sight impaired hedgehogs, how to deal with mums and their litters when accidentally displaced, and how to care for hoglets. In addition there are detailed case studies for ten hedgehogs.

The aim of Rescuing the Disappearing Hedgehog is to provide a detailed, easily accessible book that experienced carers and anyone else with an interest in hedgehogs will find useful.

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