nothing-more-to-be-said1croppedToni serves up a very strong collection of her own songs    The Folk Mag

It is the feeling of humanity which pervades all the songs on the recording which gives the album its strength.    FOLK TALK

One seriously beautiful singing voice                           Ian Almond (Musician)

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Click on photo of Celtic Cross to hear the song Celtic Blessings


1.   Finally Came the Rains

2.   Leaving St. Kilda

3.   Words in my Heart

4.   Swedish Mazurka

5.   Road to Aberdeen

6.   Candle in the Hearth

7.   Lost Childhhod

8.   Nothing More to be Said

9.   The Snow Came Falling Down

10. Raoul Wallenberg

11.  Ashokan Farewell

12.  The Settlers

13.  Celtic Blessing 20130721_134343