NEW CD with eleven original songs written and performed  by Toni Bunnell. Plus French tunes played on the Appalachian dulcimer.

Toni Bunnell: Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki, Appalachian dulcimer, Fiddle, Hurdy Gurdy

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Toni Bunnell’s new album ‘Last Port of Call’ is not easy listening. That doesn’t mean it isn’t very good. It is. She knows how to turn a lyric. With her unique, strong and melodic vocal style she deals with subject matters that matter a lot to her, and should to us too. Her songs delve into important events in social history. They reflect upon modern-day burning issues. They tug at our conscience and our need to care for each other in oppressive times. We need such albums to keep us sane. All this is supported by very accomplished acoustic accompaniment on a variety of stringed instruments. A word too about the sleeve. CD’s come nowadays in a mixture of packaging, some good, many not so good.  The sleeving design of ‘Last Port of Call’ should be made the universal standard. It actually works without having to fiddle about! I thoroughly recommend this album. Every track! Well done Toni.   TONY HAYNES  Radio broadcaster and presenter of: FAB, NEW4U & Midnight Mayhem

1.  Last Port of Call (Bunnell)

2.  The Village Waits (Bunnell)

3.  Son ar Chistr (Trad)/The Bear Dance (Trad)

4.  Chocolates, Cookies and Hugs (Bunnell)

5.  All Over England (Bunnell)

6.  Ode to Saddleworth Moor (Bunnell)

7.  Changes (Bunnell)

8.  Kaspar Hauser (Bunnell)

9.  The Tune (Bunnell)

10. Chaos in Beirut (Bunnell)

11. Call of the Sea (Bunnell)

12. Shadows from the Past (Bunnell)