front cover amended Cliffe is a typical student trying to exist on next to nothing while he pursues  his studies in theoretical physics. His investigation of a seemingly innocuous  crack in the ceiling leads him to a world he would never have believed  existed. Andulan Ruskin daydreams her life away on her parents’ farm in the Yorkshire Dales. She lives in a world far removed from Cliffe’s, in more  ways than one. A chance parting of the thin veil that separates their  worlds draws them closer together in a way that could not have been forseen and  which has far-reaching consequences. This novel will appeal to those who  seek answers to things that cannot always be explained and tests the very nature  of all that we think we know.

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Reviews:  The author sets the scene for this beautifully told story and mixes the supernatural with the ordinary in quite a clever way. I thoroughly enjoyed it and puzzled as to how it could reach a plausible end – this it does in quite a clever and completely plausible way.Thoroughly recommend especially to anyone interested in a mystery with a twist.

I really enjoyed reading The Room Between the Floorboards. I found myself longing to know how Toni would unravel the time travel scenes. She managed it in a totally believable way. I’m sure this unique story will be enjoyed by people of any age, and I can picture it making an excellent television series.

I found this to be a charming book that would be suitable for all ages. An interesting twist on time travel.

This is an enchanting little book, suitable for anyone who still ponders the as yet undefined boundaries of our universe. Easy to read, but for all that is carefully grounded in science, both in the closely observed natural history and in the background physics in which the premise of the story linking two time periods is founded. Most enjoyable.

This short book is a real page turner. I was unable to put it down. The descriptions of Andulan’s life were evocative of another age and really contrasted with Cliffe’s modern day world. The storyline authentically took the reader through a number of different twists and turns, challenging the reader to predict what might happen. It works at so many levels. I strongly recommend you read this book.

Real page turner. Intriguing ending. Recommend to other fantasy lovers. New approach to time travel.


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