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  • Toni Bunnell is a singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist.

She writes all her own songs and accompanies them on the guitar, Appalachian Mountain dulcimer, bouzouki, hurdy gurdy and fiddle.

The English singer Toni Bunnell earned rapturous applause in the Jazz Cellar..creating the thought-provoking atmosphere which is the essence of her performance  Mannheimer Morgen Rheipfalz, Germany (Harlekinade Festival)

Toni Bunnell possesses one of the best voices I’ve ever heard from a traditional style singer             ROCK ‘N’ REEL

One seriously beautiful singing voice    Ian Almond (Musician)

Movie: Playing the hurdy gurdy in Brittany with Pepere my friend’s dog. Click on image of hurdy gurdy.

        Where I Come From                                    In Solidarity

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Five CDs available:

In Solidarity

Where I Come From

Special People

Nothing More to be Said

Tune on a Shady Bench

51L7-fqxRkLBook : Music Makes A    Difference: A Practical Guide to Developing Music Sessions with People with Learning Disabilities  has been published by

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New CD with twelve original tracks written and performed by Toni Bunnell

Heart to Home

Don’t Pass Me By

Story of Agnes

Through a Hedge Backwards

Comes the Hour


Streets of Hamelin

Music in my Soul

The Lights of Keighley

The Grenfell Disaster

The Dark Wood / Bourree a Malochet

Looking Back








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New Single Track Download: In Solidarity

An original song with a strong message in support of France.

Click on image to download track.