A collection of short stories based on the theme ‘trapped’.

Some of the stories are based on actual events. I leave it to you, the reader, to decide which.

I know these walls. Even in the dark I can follow them, my fingertips flowing over the smooth plaster.  Feeling for the cracks and ridges, the cusps worn smooth with age. Worn by my body as it drifts silently backwards and forwards. I use my visual memory to recall images from my life before.

.. here in the cellar, the tactile sense of touch is all important. as my fingers glide over the surface of the walls I feel a fondness for every nuance in the plaster.


“I’ve just finished reading “Trapped”.  What an excellent collection. I particularly liked your “Drawn to the Light”, “The Last Stride”, “The Swaddling”, “The Bolt Hole”, “The Cellar” and the final, longer piece “All in My Head”. They all work well and do what they have to do with a refreshing economy of words.  Even “All in My Head” avoids repetition and builds nicely to the twist in the tail.”                   John Gilham, Published Poet and editor of Dream Catcher magazine, an international arts journal, which offers contemporary readers a terrific mix of poetry, prose, artwork and reviews. http://www.dreamcatchermagazine.co.uk/html/about.html

“I loved the book sooo much, I can’t tell you my favourite story they were all so interesting. Loved the twist at the end of All in my Head.”   Christine Watmough

“I’m really enjoying Trapped. I think it’s superbly well-written and subtle, and achieved with such economy of style. I’m spacing out my reading of them – they’re like top quality chocolates, to be savoured as treats!”  Peter Roberts, author and playwright.

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