Where I come from CD cover for website Where I Come From

Twelve original songs and a tune played on the hurdy gurdy.

Words and music by Toni Bunnell


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Four Star review of CD by R2 magazine:  The fourth album from the York-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (who is also a broadcaster, wildlife biologist and published author) finds her in as fine a voice as previously noted in R2.           Toni has been writing songs since the age of ten, in the British folk style, accompanying them on guitar, bouzouki, Appalachian Mountain dulcimer, hurdy gurdy and fiddle. Her discography comprises three CDs of original songs plus a CD of tunes played on the hurdy gurdy.          The original songs included on Where I Come From are uniformly good. There may be something stylistically retro about them but Toni’s vocal exuberance, instrumental dexterity and fine wordsmithery lend each a contemporary pulse.             An English folk act looking for new material would do well to check out this album, as it is stuffed full of good songs that I can imagine in other solo or group settings. ‘Syncopated Rhythm’ is one of them and it has a lovely memory of a fellow musician that might well apply to Bunnell herself, ‘Composing from an early age was second nature to you/You were as much at home with jazz as you were with the blues/The master of the melody as well as the tune’.     John Crosby  R2

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1. Plight of the Moon Bears

2. Where I Come From

3. Magic Ring

4. Song for Stroma Stroma photo

Photo and film by Catherine Byrne: http://www.catherinebyrne-author.com/

5. Ring a Bell for Freedom

6. Out of Reach

7. Oak and Ash

8. On the Dark Side

9. Slaughter of the Innocents

badger 1 Ross

Photo by Ross Andrews http://www.naturaleye.co.uk

10.Syncopated Rhythm

11. Stones of Carnac

12. Dreams Candle 3





13. The Happy Hedgehog       Lucy for video link

Film of Lucy a blind hedgehog at York Hedgehog Rescue Centre run by Toni Bunnell